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Chris and I just welcomed our first baby in October 2010. This is mainly a website for us to keep track of all the information we have gathered about pregnancy, childbirth, child-raising, and the vegan lifestyle/diet, but also for our family and friends, and anyone who shares our outlook or is keen to gain a better understanding of veganism/our position.

We are both vegan, and in an effort to be as prepared and organised as possible, we have been doing lots of research with regards pregnancy in general, but of course especially in relation to our specific diet/lifestyle. Once vegan (it’s been ten years now), I’ve never doubted veganism to be the most wholesome, healthy, decent diet I can choose for myself. Confident we are also doing the best we can for any children we may be blessed enough to have, we wanted to explore the topic as fully as possible soas to best field any queries we may have from dubious non-vegans, and those thinking of becoming vegan. I’ve not managed to find one central resource though, so sensing a need, this website was born! We will collate as much relevant information as possible, and just see how it develops. I hope this site provides good factual data for other vegans trying to get pregnant, those already pregnant, and those raising vegan families.

We would dearly love for this site to develop a sense of community and support, so hope the forums get lots of activity in due course.
This site is still a work in progress, but if there is anything you would especially like to see included on these pages, please contact us on:
Please note: neither of us are health care professionals or nutritionists. We are vegans, well-educated and passionate, wanting the very best for our health, our family, all beings, and mother earth.

All artwork (apart from tickers) kind courtesy of Elizabeth Searle.

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